What defines a Supercar?

Growing up, even if you were a practical little boy or girl who thought, “I just need a car that will take me from point A to point B”, you still stopped in your tracks when you saw that supercar parked outside on the street. You may even have ran across traffic to get a cheeky selfie with it so that you can post it on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or all of them. “OMG #supercar #totallymine #onedaymysupercar

This is the effect of the Supercar.

Before we move on, let’s all agree that a hypercar is just a modern-day supercar that the marketing teams in each brands office decided needed a rebrand because ‘supercar’ wasn’t cool enough. A supercar/hypercar is not decided by the brand, it’s decided by us – the community.

“We’ve built a super/hyper/megacar!”. Well, let us be the judge of that.


This list wouldn’t be complete without talking power, because if it’s not decked out in the latest technology to make you feel like you’re in a futuristic movie, it has to be packed to the brim with power overwhelming. A supercar has undeniable performance in the speed and handling department, and should be the absolute best that anybody has ever seen. Is there a number that we can put on this? We could rattle off some 0-100kph, top speed, torque, or any other list, but it means nothing because that list keeps getting updated as more and more amazing cars are built.

What’s the performance of a super car? It has to punch you in the stomach and make you see stars.


We all know that friend who has thrown out all his seats so that he can strap in solo in his professional drivers bucket seat, slammed in a turbocharger onto a recon v8 engine he found somewhere, and added so many modifications that you wonder how he’ll one day treat his girlfriend? No matter how much he might boast about beating every car on the road and saying that he owns a supercar, he doesn’t. Because supercars are not built, they are made.

One of the criteria for a supercar is that it is super out the gates. No additional tuning, no after-market parts, not even a single brand sticker on the side of the car door. Super from the get go. Everything else are just try-hards.


If everyone had a supercar, it wouldn’t really be a supercar anymore, would it? That’s why supercars are purpose built as a luxury item. They’re either priced for the 1%, or they come in a limited run of less than 500 so that they can be priced for the 1%. It means prestige for the owner, because nothing ruins your day like buying what you thought was a premium supercar and finding out that some other person has the exact same model in the exact same color and is going to the exact same coffee shop.


Of course – what’s the difference between Superman and your regular man on the street? One takes your breath away, the other is just meh. Super implies this thing is so amazing it’ll take your breath away even if you’re just sitting in traffic listening to your tunes trying desperately to distract yourself from the steady beating of you heart. It’s like a sitting on a lion because even though it’s not hungry right now you know it could go full beast mode in under 6 seconds.

Super is not just about how good or fast this beast is – it’s about presence. Power under control, or unleashed like a hurricane.


Please. Let us know what you think. To us a supercar are all these things, but in the end we can write until a Prius runs out of petrol. In the end it’s what the community thinks that makes a supercar, a Super Car.