Reconditon: Your Life Choice

So you are looking for a car that fits your budget, new or used, or maybe a recon? In this article, we will give you a clearer understanding of what a recon car is.

Car Choice?

You can tell a lot about a person by their car choice. Common sedan? Family-centered person or someone who wishes they had a family of their own. Compact hatchback? Budget conscious person (or maybe budget restricted). Large and powerful MPV? Responsible but still wants to feel free and powerful. Flashy sportscar? Probably not very wise at saving money. If you’re looking to find a more unique option that says “I’m special, responsible, and good at what I do”- you may have to do some hunting for a good option that fits within your budget.

That is until you’ve looked up and down on forums, boards, and classifieds and started to see the word ‘Recon’. You may notice them because the prices are considerably more affordable than a brand new car of similar make and model. The main difference being the condition that they’re in is so much better than that of the used car being sold by somebody you’ve never met. Can you really trust someone when they tell you they’ve been a “careful lady driver”?

Reconditioned? or Recon?

When you see the word ‘recon’, if you thought of the word reconnaissance: hello, you’re in Malaysia. Our word for that here is ‘reccy’. No, when you see the word recon on local boards and lists it stands for “reconditioned”, as in restored to be like-new and given a new opportunity to be great again. Used cars wish they were recon cars, and the difference can be night and day.

Recons are used cars that have been imported from another country because of it’s potential in other markets. On arrival the new car is given a grand makeover; fitting new seat covers, shiny new paint jobs, and sometimes even a good tune up of the inner workings to make sure they are in good condition. They’re not new cars, but not many would be able to tell the difference.

Think of it as a Gen Y man in his menial eight-thirty-to-midnight job who has suddenly been given a chance to start fresh again in a new country. He’s still young and energetic, he’s got brand new training and a new set of clothes. He’s ready to be face the world and do good work to recondition his life. That’s a recon car in a nutshell, and that recon car could be the key to your own dreams of owning a car that befits your lifestyle choices.

So where do we go from here?

In the coming article we’ll cover some of the considerations you should have when choosing a good recon car, but we’ll get you started with what we think is the best piece of advice. Find a good dealer. A good dealer who will not only handle all the paperwork for you, but also make sure that over the years you have a friendly service center who will take good care of you and your car especially when it comes to spare parts availability, professional know-how, and even help you get proper coverage in the event of accidents.

That’s us.
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