New or Reconditioned?

We all come to a point where we decide to buy our first car. Being one of the biggest purchases anyone would have to make in their lifetime, probably only second to purchasing something, such as a house, it is no surprise that anyone would do good research and spend some time checking out available deals and offers from different manufacturers before committing to buying one- whether new or reconditioned.

So, new or reconditioned?

However for many people, be it their first car or their tenth, still face the question of whether or not to buy a brand new unit and face depreciation over time, or to buy a used unit and risk getting a ‘bad’ one, and spending thousands of hard earned money on repairs- which really just defeats the whole purpose of trying to save some extra cash. We have all at one point heard horror stories of people purchasing used vehicles ending up as a nightmare to maintain and repair- all while still servicing their bank loans!

There are many available avenues to purchase your automobile from, since the internet houses so much information in just a click away. A quick search on Google will provide you more information than you can stomach. Just how then, does one decide on a good, reliable and trustworthy service provider?

What does YBG Auto Offer?

Here at YBG auto, we stand behind a legacy of 30 years being in the business. Our experience through many ups and downs over the years has made us one of the top players in the business. With that, you can be assured that we are here to provide only the best for our customers, catering to their every need and requirements for purchasing a pre-owned unit with peace of mind.

All our cars that are put on sale are imported from either Japan or the United Kingdom. Every unit is inspected thoroughly and given a reconditioning treatment to make sure that they are just as good as a brand new car- albeit at a much more attractive price! As every car arrives in Malaysia, YBG conducts another round of inspection on each and every unit to make sure that any car we put up for sale is up to our standards. Required services and changing of fluids are done, fresh tyres are put on to assure our customers of their safety on the roads. We never compromise on the safety of our customers by cutting corners to save costs.

Why buy from us?

Why buy from us, you ask? Aside from our reputable 30 years of experience in the business and attention to quality and detail, we provide our customers with after sales services. We have partnered with many other players in the automotive industry to provide our customers value added services such as repairs, insurance, tinting, breakdown assistance, car valuation services (should you choose to trade in your older automobile), body work and painting services, and more.

Purchase your automobile from us with peace of mind, knowing that we are here to provide the very best for you. We have a huge range of cars of every class available, saloons and sedans for the executives, MPVs for the ones seeking the best comfort for long hauls, SUVs and All-Wheel-Drives for the adventurous, and Supercars for those seeking thrill and enjoyment for a spirited drive. We also have an additional service of helping our customers seek specific models or rare models unavailable in the local market. Try us, we will not disappoint you!

YBG aims to be a one stop centre to provide you your automotive requirements from A-Z. Our consultants and customer service will be more than happy to assist you in any requests that you may have. We provide the main 4S in house- Sales, Service, Spare Parts and Spraying (Paint jobs). Should you have any enquiries or specific needs, do not hesitate to contact YBG via our website or by dropping us a line. Or better still, drop by our showroom during office hours and let our friendly sales staff assist you. Have a pleasant automobile shopping experience!