Luxury in Hearing: Custom In-Ear Monitors

Custom in-ear monitors are not just for rock stars and singers anymore. The miniature speakers that fit in musicians’ ears are gaining popularity, and today more and more consumers are beginning to gain interest in what this high-end earphones can offer in their listening experience.

CIEM or Custom In-Ear Monitors are earphones or we called it in-ear monitors that is customized only to your ears. Thus you see CIEMs are in weird shapes. However these CIEMs look cool when they are on your ears.

Why Custom In-Ear Monitors (CIEM)?

For those who have never seen or used in-ear monitors, they are two-part systems. There’s a transmitter, usually a half-rack unit, which transmits the monitor mix wirelessly (via radio) to a receiver, a belt pack around the size of a mobile phone that the performer wears.

CIEM eliminates all the weaknesses of universal earphones.

Great Sound Quality

The performance of the single full range BA driver is top-notch. Therefore, most CIEM are balanced, crisp and clear sounding. It delivers detailed sound with no coloration.


When you take into account the advantages of custom in ears, it’s not hard to understand why they’re becoming the standard for music listening.