Balik Kampung In Style

In the coming future, it will be very busy weeks for the Muslims because it is the preparation weeks for the Aidilfitri. It is an important religious holiday celebrated by the Muslims worldwide to mark the end of the Ramadan. During the Aidilfitri, most Muslims will go back hometown to pay a visit for the elders and having gathering with siblings and relative.

Malaysia is a multi-cultural country, which people tend to be more implicit during the communication. Malaysian all tend to deliver hidden message to others through our outfit, our look etc. Hence, it is a good chance to buy a new car and “Balik Kampung in Style”. Most of the young generations have leaved their home to pursuit further career in order to provide better living for the elders. It is a good chance delivers a message to the elders that you having a good living in the city and reduces their worries. You can achieve this by purchasing new car, showing them the financial freedom instead of deliver it verbally. As we know, people believe they saw more than what they have. At the same time, it can help you to create a brand new image and status. For example, car like Porsche, Mercedes Ferrari etc, these car fully deliver the successful image to the others.

Besides that, buying a new car is not just about to deliver the message of success. It also can be the factor that “break the ice” with the friend and family. Going back hometown after a long period is important that we got a topic to warm up the conversation or the gathering event. A new car would do it perfectly. Go back hometown with a new car definitely raise the attention of friends and family members and create more bonding time around the topic. Besides that, having a new car during Hari Raya also a great choice because it is more convenient for us hang around the hometown with old friends. For example driving a BMW Sedan or Mercedez Sedan definitely creates better hangout experience compare to motorcycle.

Finally yet importantly, car delivers an implicit value perfectly but we also need to look at the explicit value of the car, which is basic feature of the car. A long journey back to hometown is unavoidable, but going back hometown with a safe and comfortable car is a choice. We all want a pleasurable driving experience instead of a long and bored driving journey. Hence, choosing an appropriate car for this Hari Raya is important. For example, families with large family number definitely need a MPV such as Vellfire to fit inside and having more space for the kid. It is all about the feature of a car.

Overall, we can see “Balik Kampung with Style” help us to rebuild a brand new image and help us deliver important message to the family members. Moreover, as new image build up it imply the possibilities of us build up a greater connection and bond with the family members. Implicitly, it will increase our opportunity in the living society.

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