Welcome To Yap Brothers Group

Founded in 1988 by Main Co. Founder; D.P.S.M Datuk Jass Yap, YBG (Yap Brothers Group) began operating as an automobile trading company in Malaysia started in Sentul area and expanded our business throughout Klang Valley & Kuala Lumpur.

YBG expanded the business into luxury vehicles offering a full range of services from service workshop, sourcing, reselling and more. In the recent years, YBG diversified into other areas of business such as property development and hospitality service as well.

Since the establishment of YBG over 30 years ago, we believe that every different customers’ request and requirement deserves complete attention. We strive to make purchasing a luxury motor vehicle effortless without compromising on the quality and convenience to everyone who walks through our doors.

YBG’s headquarter is in our largest showroom located in Petaling Jaya where our business management and operations are conducted. Our daughter companies and partner companies are situated across Klang Valley to meet the needs of our customers.

YBG is backed by a dynamic management and experienced sales personnel, guided by a visionary leader. Complementing each other in knowledge and skills together with our full dedication, YBG aims to be the largest luxury transportation trade and service provider in Malaysia.

  • Our Vision

    YBG Sdn. Bhd. is set to be a forward looking corporation with truly Malaysian at heart, and are fully prepared to embark and capitalise on opportunities, to meet the challenging customer expectations and to be benchmark themselves with all the best companies in the local motor industry.

    In addition, YBG will commit to prioritize their customer’s needs and will provide excellent services to all of their customers.

  • Our Mission

    YBG seeks to be one of the market leaders in the competitive motor industry with the combined resources of their highly effective and vastly experienced leadership, dedicated management team, high quality of sales and support staff force and customer based supports.

    Our motto is “Luxury, Quality, Facility” and high quality products to all Malaysian across this country.

Director‘s Message

We have come a long way since our inception in 1988. It began as a humble family-owned motor trading company and we grew into an organisation with fleets of automotive partners and expanded our business investment into property developing and more.

For over 30 years, we pride ourselves as the motor trading brand that is known to families within Klang Valley. For the years to come, I have a vision that YBG will be one of the most trusted brands across Malaysia and beyond.

Striving for innovation and hungry for growth, YBG will begin to introduce new technologies into our main business (automotive trading). Our goal is to make purchasing a used or unregistered luxury cars convenient and secure for the consumers in the market.

My team and I value our customers at the highest priority. To meet up to market expectations, we work towards understanding our customer needs and provide dedicated full-package service accordingly.

We aim to create YBG as a brand that is trusted in providing luxurious products with quality and safety assurance. I invite you to embark on this luxurious journey with us.

Fanny Yap Managing Director

Why Choose Us

  • Peace of mind & wider car choice

    We are an established & reputable dealer that offers greater assurance to buyer by emphasizing S.O.P (Standard of Procedure) policy on all our vehicles with strict car inspection & proper documentations before putting up for sale purpose.

    We search & purchase a variety of locally used & imported vehicles and gather all in our showroom for your purchasing selection.

  • One stop services & convenience

    Upon vehicle purchasing, we handle all administrative requirements like sorting car ownership, puspakom inspection, vehicle servicing, instant roadtax & insurance renewal services.

  • Fast loan options

    As a platinium dealer with various bankers, we are able to expedite fast loan approvals & offer you a choice of financer & competitive rates.

  • After sales services

    Our company also provide a variety of services like vehicle servicing, vehicle coating, vehicle film tinting, 24 hours breakdown service, claim assist service & valuation on trade-in vehicle.

What Customers Say About Us