A Toss to Prosperity, Harmony & Longevity – Yee Sang

Yee sang, yusheng or Prosperity Toss is a common ritual among Malaysian Chinese and Singaporeans during the Chinese New Year period. Yee sang literally means “raw fish”and it is interpreted as increase in abundance. Therefore, having yee sang at the beginning of the year symbolises the abundance and prosperity that will have for the year.

The Ingredients

The dish is traditionally served on a large plate with colourful ingredients that brings different meanings. Usually the base ingredients are first served followed by raw fish and condiments. Some of the ingredients and what it symbolise is listed below:

  • Fish for abundance
  • Pomelo/Lime adding luck and auspicious value
  • Pepper to attach more money and valuables
  • Oil for numerous sources of wealth
  • Carrots for blessings of good luck
  • Green radish for eternal youth
  • White radish for prosperity in business and promotion at work
  • Peanuts for gold and silver in the household
  • Sesame seed for a flourishing business
  • Plum sauce for a sweet life
  • Deep-fried flour crisps to symbolize a life full of gold
Tossing – Higher, Louder, Better

The head of the family or restaurant server will usually put the yee sang on the table, as they go along, good wishes and saying is mentioned. Once all the ingredients are added, everyone then proceeds to toss the ingredients together high up in the air with their chopsticks. This is done while calling out various wishes such as good health, promotion at work, prosperity, happiness and much more. The louder and higher it is, the better.

Luxurious Prosperity Toss

Modern day yee sang with creative chefs and experiments gives us a chance to experience unique and luxurious yee sang.
Here are some you should try this Chinese New Year!

Australian Whole Abalone “20 Head” Yee Sang @ Tao Chinese Cuisine

Where? Tao Chinese Cuisine, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur

Mouth-watering whole abalone yee sang at Tao Chinese Cuisine is one of the best in Klang Valley. The abalone are freshly air-flown from Australia. You are sure to set your new year luxuriously! The set menu starts from RM1,988 nett and yee sang starts from RM88 nett onwards. Check out their menu here.

Sliced Abalone, Caviar and Gold Flakes Yee Sang @ Shang Palace

Where? Shang Palace, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

An ultimate luxury experience with caviar and gold flakes served at the Shang Palace is sure to make you feel like a royal. If this is too fancy for you, there are also various types available for this new year. Look at their menu here.

Year of the Dog Yee Sang @ Ruyi & Lyn

Where? Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre

The classic yee sang by Ruyi & Lyn is nicely decorated in a cute puppy face to symbolise the year of the Dog.

Sliced Abalone, Yellow Fin Tuna Fish Yee Shang @ Celestial Court

Where? Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

Interested to try a variation instead of salmon fish? Head on to Celestial Court. They serve traditional yee sang with abalone and a refreshing touch of tuna fish.

YBG wishes you a Prosperous New Year!